Since my family live in different countries all over the world, we tried hard to put our time together to reunite every year. This year we chose Taiwan as our overseas destination. I took responsibility to check the schedule, book our Taiwan tour packages and inform all our family members. I read tons of travel books about Taiwan and got much information on the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, I could discuss our Taipei day tour with the agent from Taipei travel agency.


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(Top 10 Places To Visit In Taiwan)



(30 Things to do in Taipei, Taiwan Travel Guide)




It was so nice to meet my aunt, cousins and grandparents in Taipei. We had our private mini-van for nine people includes our Taiwan trip diver guide – Tony. Tony was a funny person, he shared both jokes and Taipei’s history with us; that’s why I like the idea of traveling with a local. On the second day, we went to Jiufen but the weather was not ideal at all so we decided not to fly sky lanterns but spend some time in Amei tea house in Jiufen old street. Tony told us the weather changed a lot in a day here and the North coast could even rain for a half of year.


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It was our first Taiwan family trip and I am sure it would not be the last time! We enjoy our tours in northern in Taipei too much, we will definitely visit more places next time, for instance, Pingxi and Yehliu Geopark. I heard that there are beautiful and breathtaking too. The most memorable food in my mind was taro balls and sweet potato balls with iced soup. The taste was chewy and yummy; I’d recommend my friends who visit Taiwan must try a bowl of taro balls. On the other hand, my two cousins obsessed with the sky lanterns key chains very much, they said they could bring them back to show their friends.




(Yehliu Geopark)

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