Since Fiona and I were childhood friends and both our boyfriends were classmates before, we knew each other very well and we chose our first double date overseas to Jiufen, Taiwan last month. To begin this Taiwan tour, we book a private car from airport to Jiufen directly since we heard that the mountain town was extremely romantic at night because of its lights and lanterns. And it sure was amazing! We were totally immersing in a nostalgic atmosphere and enjoyed our Taiwan private tour in this fascinating town – Jiufen!


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The next morning, we went hiking a bit due to all of us loved mountains, it was stunning to see Jiufen from a higher place and see both sea and mountains at the same time. We also knew that Japanese director, Miyazaki Hayao’s animation “Spirited Away” the concept of architectures in the animation was inspired by Juifen’s street style. After Jiufen, we turned our Taiwan tour to Taipei day tour. (Read Also: spirited away in jiufen, taiwan & 15 Fascinating Facts About Spirited Away)



Taipei was a nice city fit for every couple. We went to Xiemending to watch a movie, play claw machine (Read Also: Taiwan Is in the Clutches of a Claw Machine Craze & BBC: Taiwan crackdown over claw machine face mask prizes & Meet the ‘king of claw machines’) and I got a huge snoopy which made me so happy. Fiona and her boyfriend obsessed with the food of Taiwan so much. They wanted to try everything. Jiufen was pure and clean, people there were kind and friendly just like my hometown; Taipei was fancy and stunning but busier just like Fiona’s hometown but we loved both styles of Taiwan.



Thanks to our English tour guide, I think Taiwan was also fit for a family trip with kids of any age because there were several cool museums around Taipei city and even the zoo was so friendly for couples or families. Our driver drove us to Shilin night market, we found all kinds of delicious food and there were some interesting games on the market too. We had a very nice time. Taiwan was truly an ideal gateway. (Read Also: Food to Eat at Shilin Night Market (and Surprise Stinky Tofu) & Shilin Night Market hit by another rip-off complaint)





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