My wife and I intend to take our father to travel to Eastern country as his 80th birthday present. The Pingxi sky lantern festival in Taiwan has been recommended by the National Geographic magazine and has become the “Top 10 winter travel attractions of the world”! This is very attractive for us and considering Taiwan’s national security and prices are quite stable, so we decided to plan the Taiwan tour.


We bought the Taiwan tour packages and booked the chartered services, English-Speaking Taiwan tour guide through a trusty Taiwan travel agency, which helped us to be more convenient and secure when traveling in Taiwan. (Read More: Pingxi, Taiwan (CNN) — It’s one of Taiwan’s most breathtaking spectacles.)




We chartered on the way to Pingxi was already raining. Our Taiwan trip guide said that the sunny day of Pingxi will not exceed three days. For this reason, the abundant water of the rivers in Pingxi forms special landscapes such as waterfalls and potholes.


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On the way to Shifen waterfall park, we saw the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers. We walked through the birthplace of the sky lanterns and railroad tracks of the trains.


We wanted to take photos of every place in Pingxi so badly and our tour guide kindly help us. We were glad that he was actually a professional photographer. We have heard the loud sound of the waterfall in the forest trail. The scenery of the waterfall is very spectacular. When we stand on the observation deck, we are all sprayed by the water of the waterfall!



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Pingxi from Taipei is famous for its Lantern festival, which is the most famous festival in this area. We saw many sky lanterns flying in the sky, but due to the rain, most sky lanterns were flying at very low altitudes. My father likes Pingxi very much, so this Taipei private tour is really satisfying! (Read More: How Sky Lantern Involved in Eco-Conflicts & What Eco-Lantern Can Help)




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