My son was an engineer in Google in Taipei office, he has been worked in Taiwan for 4 years. This summer my husband and I decided to visit our son and Taiwan. My son usually told me how nice Taiwan is, the only thing that we need to be aware of is the humid weather. Being mistaken for Thailand, Taiwan is an island surrounded by sea which is famous for Beitou hot spring and activities like Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage (2020 Taichung Mazu International Festival).


(Read More: CNN: Mazu mania: Free food, great parties. Wait, this is a religious festival?)






We chose to visit Jiufen for our Taiwan tour. Because of the humid weather, having “Taipei private tour” is more comfortable than taking public transportation. In particular, that my husband’s feet were inconvenient. Travel with a Taipei tour guide in a private car would be the best option for us!


Jiufen and Jinguashi used to be the most important golden mine of Taiwan. The sea beside Jiufen and Jinguashi was cool! You can’t believe that the sea had two colors in the same area, blue seawater, and gold seawater mix together. Our Taiwan guide told us this sea named Yin Yang Sea, Yin-yang means “dark and bright” in Chinese. And why the sea had two different colors? Our Taiwan guide said that represent there was large mine inside Jiufen and Jinguashi.



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Jiufen old street was very crowded, so we found the one and only Amei tea house and enjoyed the beautiful sea view. The tea tasted good, my husband drank a lot. This was the first time he drank a lot with tea instead of beer. That’s fantastic! (Read More: Jiufen Old Street: A Day Trip from Taipei for Real-life Miyazaki Experience)



We went to Pingxi in the afternoon, a small mountain town near Jiufen. Pingxi was a town which raises because of the coal mine and railway. We walked down the railway and took many cute and funny pictures. Of course, we took the family photo with my son. Finished one of our goal on this trip!




“Choo-choo” the train was coming! We bought a sky lantern and wrote some wish on it. I wrote, “Hope our family healthy and happy!” After lighting a fire, we let the sky lantern flew into the sky, hoping for all of our wishes would come true. Thanks, Taiwan, a lovely country. (Read More: CNN: A Taiwan village where wishes light up the night sky)


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