I always wanted to travel the Southeast Asian countries with my children. Considering the local public security and prices, so I chose Taiwan, which is famous for its friendly and enthusiastic.


I booked travel packages and private car charter services through a Taiwan travel agency. This travel package has already helped travelers plan a travel itinerary. If you are as busy as I am or don’t know how to plan your travel itinerary, then I highly recommend buying this Taiwan tour packages. (Read Also: BBC: Five reasons to visit Taiwan)


On the first day, our Taiwan trip guide arranged the Jiufen tour. The old street was my only impression of Jiufen. The guide smiled and said that if you came to Jiufen but only went to Jiufen old street, it would be too inferior! So in the morning, we visited Jinguashi, which is a popular Taipei attraction in the northern Taiwan.


Jinguashi is used to be a mining industry and has the reputation of “the first gold capital in East Asia”. With the decline of the mining industry, it has reduced the destruction of commercial activities. (Read Also: Taiwan’s prettiest locations for your holiday) It was unexpected to retain the original features of the mining area so that we can come here to see the Jinguashi’s landscape now.


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In addition to being able to visit the former mining area, you can also see the beauty of the northeastern coast from the Yin Yang sea viewing platform. The mountain and sea scenery of Jinguashi is very charming. Our Taiwan tour guide said that it has a different atmosphere on day and night! We climbed to the highest point of Jinguashi and overlook the entire scenery. It was really spectacular and we enjoyed the breeze on the top of the mountain. (Read Also: Remembering Taiwan’s Kinkaseki POW Camp & The Forgotten POWs of the Pacific: The Story of Taiwan’s Camps)





In the afternoon, our guide took us to Jiufen old street. He recommended that we must taste the taro balls. This dessert can choose to add red beans, mung beans or soybeans. There are five different flavors: taro, sweet potato, yam, green tea and sesame. I think most of the desserts in Southeast Asia are sweet soup, which is totally different from French dessert.



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I saw many parents bringing their children to have a Jiufen tour. Jiufen is really suitable for Taiwan family trip. Jiufen old street sells many souvenirs. My child chooses a key ring as a souvenir for our amazing Taiwan tour. Today’s Taipei private tour is unforgettable!



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