I lived in Canada and was been taken good care of my grandpa and grandma since I was in kinder garden. However, I moved to Taiwan owing to father’s job when I studied in senior high school. I miss them so much, since I invited them to join a Taipei private tour to Pingxi in order to participate a special activity that held every year. Although there are numerous activities across Taiwan during this event. However, Pingxi Lantern Festival is the most famous one, which cause thousands of paper lanterns light the skies of Pingxi District. The event is usually celebrated the night of the first full moon of the lunar year. This breathtaking tradition if among the top tourist attractions in Taiwan. During this day villagers release sky lanterns to the heavens. Initially, the festival was used by villagers to signal to those hiding in the mountains that it was safe and sound to return home.

In brief, Pingxi Lantern Festival is the biggest lantern festival in Taiwan, and it is easy to see why. The festival made the Fodor’s list of Festivals To Attend Before You Die and also it is one of 52 Things To Do by CNN. Thus, we truly had a good time with my dear grandpa and grandma in Pingxi, especially joining the Pingxi Lantern Festival.

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