Taiwan tour was what we’ve been expecting for so long. After 10 hours of flight, we finally arrived in Taiwan. We started our Taiwan family trip from Taipei. A modern Asia city.

We are very interested in Taipei’s restaurant. There are too many types of restaurant in Taipei! We used to be travel to other Asian countries like Japan, Korea, India and Cambodia. No country’s diet is as diverse as Taiwan. In order to know more about Taiwan’s cuisine culture, we joined a Taipei private tour.

Our guide told us that Taiwan was once colonized by Japan, so you can see the Japanese restaurants like sushi and ramen everywhere. 1949, the government of Republic of China lost the civil war and retreated to Taiwan. Military personnel from each provinces of China brought the dishes of their hometown to Taiwan. So today you can find all kind of Chinese cuisine in Taiwan. These years, many Southeast Asia workers come to Taiwan and brought their dishes, too.

“Today is Moon Festival, let’s do something special and meaningful” Moon festival is the one of the most important festival in Chinese culture. In Taiwan people will eat moon cake and do BBQ together to celebrate! We went to a famous cake store to make the pineapple cake by ourselves! What an excited activity!

“Use the egg beater to mix egg, sugar and flour.” To be honest, DIY pineapple cake was not as simple as imagined. After 1 hour hard working, we finally finished the pineapple cake. During the time we waiting for baking, we visited the cake museum and learned some interesting customs of Taiwan’s wedding.

“Wow, the pineapple cakes look like a gold brick” After baking, our pineapple cakes are very scrumptious. “Fantastic!” My child and I really enjoyed this experience and had a happy Moon Festival in Taiwan!

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