My friend Daniel is my best friend who lives in Australia. We met each other during an English camp. Both of us are big fans of traveling. During this summer vacation. I invite Daniel to come to Taiwan and joined a Taipei private tour to Pingxi because of the beauty of the Pingxi Lantern Festival, which is a three-day event and each day includes three sessions (eight lanterns releases each) held at three different venues.


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Apart from these sessions, visitors like us can also release their own lanterns at designated locations and times. The opening session is always held at Jingtong Elementary School and the second at Pingxi Junior High School. The final—and generally most crowded—event is held at Shifen Sky Lantern Square. Thousands of free sky lanterns are provided by the sponsoring organizations during each session for visitors who wish to participate in the lantern release. The first two venues generally feature lanterns with fun and creative designs. The highlight of the festival is the release of the huge main lantern on the day of the Sky Lantern Festival at Shifen Sky Lantern Square. By attending the activity held at Pingxi, we were all satisfied with the wonderful scenery in Pingxi.



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