In February of this year, we have a wonderful Taiwan tour. We booked charter services and tour guide through a Taiwanese travel agency.

The tour guide helped us arrange a Taipei day tour. Because February is the lantern festival in Taiwan, so we went to Pingxi to celebrate the Pingxi lantern festival.



We are very surprised that Taiwan’s balloons are made of paper because Indonesia’s balloons are made of rubber. The tour guide says this balloon is call〝Pingxi lantern〞. Everyone can write on the lantern. The lantern can write their wishes or write to the deceased relatives and friends. The legend can be passed to heaven.

I wrote on the lantern that I hope the whole family is healthy and happy. After everyone wrote their wish, we ignited in the center of the lantern and the lantern flew into the sky magically, as if our wish were going to heaven.

Pingxi lantern festival is a very mysterious and interesting festival. I plan to visit Pingxi again at the Mid-Autumn Festival in September this year!

In order to experience the ancient railway traffic in Taiwan, the tour guide especially let us take the railway from Pingxi to Taipei. The scenery along the way is very beautiful and I saw many white birds standing in the green fields. The tour guide said that the name of the bird is Egretta garzetta, which is a conservation animal in Taiwan.

No wonder Taiwan is called Formosa because the landscape and culture of Taiwan are amazing. It was a wonderful memory for us in Pingxi.




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