In August of this year, I arranged a Taiwan family trip and planned to visit the famous stone landscape〝 Yehliu 〞.

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I look over the Yehliu map by GPS and found that the Yehliu bus station is very convenient, but considering the number of people taking the bus is too much, the space is very crowded and the weather is sultry. This is inconvenient for young children and elderly parents. The chartered car is more comfortable, so I decided to book a charter service and English tour guide through the travel agency.

On the first day of Taiwan tour, the travel agency arranged a Taipei day tour based on the attractions we wanted to visit.


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Every landscape of Yehliu Geopark is carved by nature for a long time. The signboard shows that passengers “don’t touch, climb or destroy stones. This is something to watch out for!”
Yehliu Geopark is open daily from 08:00 to 17:00, but May to August is open from 08:00 to 18:00.
We saw the most famous stone〝Queen’s Head 〞and other remarkable formations include sea candles, fairy shoe, ginger rocks, elephant rock, ice cream rock, kissing rock and Princess’ head. Can you imagine how amazing the stones of Yehliu are?



Yehliu geopark has many ramps that allow people with disabilities to easily enjoy the scenery. This is really a very friendly device! My father was in a wheelchair and looked at the stone and seascape of Yehliu. Everyone is happy to enjoy the beauty of Yehliu.

Next to the geopark is the Yehliu ocean world, which is an oceanarium with ocean exhibits, and sea life including dolphin and sea lion performances. Yehliu ocean world offers visitors the chance to observe marine life in an undersea glass tunnel. It’s a fun addition to the more educational experience at the geopark.
Yehliu is very suitable for parents and children to visit. The first day of Yehliu tour is very impressive!


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