Jiufen is a tourist area in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. In the early stages, Jiufen was prospered because of the abundance of gold, but after the excessive excavation of gold, Jiufen began to decline.


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However, because Taiwan’s director Hou Hsiao-hsien filmed “A City of Sadness” once again attracted tourists to Jiufen tour, the film was shot in Jiufen Taiwan, starring by Tony Leung and winning the golden lion award at the Venice film festival. Our family is this movie’s big fans. Jiufen in the movie is very beautiful and dreamy, so we decided to arrange a Taiwan tour and list Jiufen as a Tapei day tour’s itinerary.

The weather is often raining in Jiufen, but I think the Jiufen in the rain is very beautiful and has a psychedelic atmosphere.

The tour guide introduced us to the origin of the Jiufen’s names. In the early years of Taiwan’s Qing Dynasty, the villages only have nine households. Therefore, whenever a villager goes out to the market for shopping or when the cargo ship arrives, everything is required to buy nine portions and later Jiufen (Taiwan homophonic) will naturally become the place name here.

Then the tour guide took us to the Kishan street in Jiufen old street for dinner. This street is the most lively street in Jiufen and the place where the most snacks are gathered.

We ate taro balls with red bean soup, the taro rice balls taste tenderly chewy and we love it! We also ate herbal cake with sliced radish, fish balls, chicken rolls… countless food, we only complain that there is no more stomach!

After dinner, we chartered from Jiufen to Taipei to end this wonderful Taipei private tour.



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