My friend who studied in Taiwan from Australia and I participated in a Taipei private trip to Yehliu.

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Although we are not a big fan of geology, we just quickly take a look at the rocks formation in Yehliu Geopark. Then, we walked to the opposite side of the exit of the market because we feel a bit hungry after walking around and decided to look for some food. There are many stalls in the market selling food and souvenirs. Most of them are sea products as this area is very near to the sea. We bought some grilled squid as a snack to be eaten on the bus. We didn’t want to eat too full because we want to leave some space in the stomach for more yummy food in Taiwan. We knew some other delicious snacks via the traveling magazine. (Read more: 40 of the best Taiwanese foods and drinks by CNN)


Taiwan has a lot of food stalls selling many delicious snacks such as hot dogs and corn, for instance. Another type of squid snacks here at the Yehliu Geopark market. Besides snacks, you can also buy some dried sea products here for cooking. Yehliu Geopark is definitely worth the time and energy to visit because it is not something you can see and experience in other places.

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