I am from the Netherlands, Taiwan and the Netherlands are both ocean countries but the coastal terrain in Taiwan is very different from my country! Our coastline is flat and monotonous but the coastline of Taiwan is very amazing! Especially in Yehliu.

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Yehliu is far from Taipei downtown for us, my mother is 80 years old now so we didn’t consider the bus. We attended a Yehliu tour-a driver-guide led us to Yehliu geopark. Yehliu is a cape which extends to the ocean almost 2km from the land. Our driver-guide told us that the name “Yehliu” was derived from the Dutch language “Duijvel Hoek” The story is cool to me that Dutch had been to Taiwan in 17 century!

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Yehliu is formed by orogeny, weathering, and coastal erosion. We saw much strange rock in Yehliu Geopark. Some of them looked like mushroom and ginger and some like high heeled shoes and candles! But the most special one is “The Queen’s head!” As if Cleopatra – the Queen of Egypt reborn!



Queen’s head has become the symbol of Yehliu geopark. According to our driver-guide said that Queen’s neck was getting thinner and thinner in these 40 years. The management office of Yehliu is afraid that one day Queen’s head will split. Unfortunately, it seems unavoidable under the weathering. So we were so lucky to see this graceful Oueen during this Yehliu tour.

I noticed there was a statue stand in Yehliu Geopark-a rock which is the only one not made by nature. This statue is built to commemorate a man named LIN, TIAN-ZHEN. He had saved 4 drowning victims but one time he fails and never come back. The Government decided to build a statue to commemorate he and his courage. Protect Yehliu geopark forever.

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