I went on a one day tour to the north coast of Taiwan with my family. Our tour guide Jerry was right off the bat-friendly when he greeted us at our hotel. And our chartered van was very comfortable for my family of four.

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It took us around an hour to arrive at Yehliu, the famous nature park and tourist site of northern Taiwan. Jerry explained to us how the magnificent rocks were formed through thousands of years as we wandered through the park. The seawater was so clear and the rocks were all so unique in their own way. And when I saw the Queen’s Head, I was so excited. It was way better than the postcards!


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The neck of the queen’s head is getting thinner and thinner. Seize the time to see it before it is broken!


After our visit to the park, Jerry took us to a nearby harbor, Guihou. He said that only the locals and smarter tourists would visit this place. He led us around and picked a restaurant with fresh living fish, crabs, clams, and so many sea creatures! He taught us how to choose the best ingredients to make into the best seafood dish. We were so excited because we lived in Munich back in Germany, where we rarely ate seafood, let alone fresh living one!

We ordered steamed crabs, boiled squid with sweet and sour sauce, fried shrimps, fish miso soup, stir-fried noodles, and stir-fried clams. Jerry taught us how to eat crabs properly. We had to first open up its belly, cut its claws and legs with a pair of pliers. And then we dug in. The meal was amazingly delicious and so price worthy! It only cost merely 500 for us each! I highly recommend those who love nature and seafood to visit Yehliu and Guihou harbor.


Explore the vivid vibe of the Taiwanese fish market in this video.


There are a lot of attractions to visit in northeastern Taiwan. Check out the Yehliu & Jiufen Day Tour. You can visit the most popular spots within one day and even see some seasonal attractions.

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