I took a Taipei day tour to Jiufen with my family. Jiufen old street was nothing like we have ever seen back in the Philipines. My parents really liked the street view and architecture, but what my sisters and I enjoyed the most was the food there.

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We were attracted by the smell of fishball soup right when we stepped foot in the old street and our tour guide said we gotta give it a try. There were five different flavors of fishballs in a serve of soup, and each one was tasty in their own way, but they were all chewy and so well-cooked! The celery evened out the taste of the fish and gave it a more fresh taste.

We wandered through the streets and found ourselves stopping by several Taiwanese food stands. Our guide helped us ordered some stinky tofu and dared us to try it, but it really smelled just like its name, sour and stinky. However, my sister took a bite somehow and made this really interesting face. I then took a bite and was surprised by the taste! It tasted way better than it smelled, I could taste the flavor of soybeans as I chewed on the tofu and the sauce was mixing so well with the tofu without being too salty.

We also tried some Taiwanese meatballs, which were chewy on the outside and full of flavored meat and bamboo shoots on the inside. Another chewy salty snack we tried was the mugwort sticky rice bun, in which I could really taste the grassy flavor of the bun and the salty dried turnip filling.

For dessert, our tour guide said he saved the best for the last, he said this dish has always been praised by his Taiwan tour customers. We had taro balls with red beans and mung beans. And again they were chewy, but as I chewed on it got tenderer and the scent of taro and sweet potato rose. Even my parents couldn’t stop eating the taro balls!

Last but not least, we went to A Mei Tea House with a great atmosphere of the mixture of Taiwanese and Japanese style. There, our guide taught us how to serve tea properly and we tried several different famous Taiwanese tea. We really enjoyed our Taipei private day tour, and of course the amazing food in Jiufen. Especially some decent tea to end the day.


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