My grandpa lives in Los Angles, where located in the south-west of the United State. Owing to his out-going personality. He always loves to travel around the world and making friends from different countries with various individuality. Among all the splendid scenery all over the world. Taiwan is his favorite country (READ More: Ilha Formosa- The Discovery of Taiwan And The Charm of The Island ) especially the historic town, Jiufen, which is surrounded by sea and mountains, the view from Jiufen is indeed very therapeutic. The only downside to Jiufen would be the crowd. There are too many stairs that can’t be climbed. It was crowded even though my grandpa visited Jiufen on the weekday.


Can you imagine how crowded it is on the weekend or peak season? Fortunately, we chose to charter a day trip, and our tour guide actually helped my grandfather prepare a trekking pole case marching chair, it was so intimate! By the way, as famous as its vibes, Jiufen’s weather is also known as how bad it is. Hence, please make sure to check the weather forecast before going on your trip, you wouldn’t want to visit it on a rainy foggy day. Grandpa and I arrived early before lunchtime since according to the weather forecast it will start to rain in the afternoon. After that, we went to the most famous handmade tea shop, Amei tea house. We have a really good time spending a whole day in there and soaking into the antique historic Jiufen’s old street scenery.


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See the beauty of Jiufen



There are more places to see in Jiufen. If you like hiking, you can go to Tea Pot Mountain.


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