There were many highlights in my senior high graduation trip to Taipei with my classmates in the USA. Especially, when It comes to the experience to Jiufen, we have a lot of unforgettable memories in Jiufen. Here were our strokes for the following three days. We went up to the Taipei 101 Observatory on the first day and visited the mountaintop village of Maokong on the next day. On the last day, we found ourselves in the beautiful mountain town of Jiufen, where we met our new friend Jenny for the first time. (See more: Jiufen & Pingxi Day Tour)


As the climax of our historic part of the graduation trip to Jiufen, which is the number one attractions of Taiwan tour. Jiufen was the second stop of the last day, after our fun sky lantern-releasing activity at Shifen. On the way in our comfortable bus, our teacher explained the origin of the name ‘Jiufen’: Legend has it that nine families used to live in this village within hills. As transport was not readily available, the family that made the trip downhill would always divide its purchases into nine portions – “Jiufen” in Mandarin – one for each household. (Also read: One day tour of the Port of Keelung and Jiufen)


My teacher also mentioned about the history of Jiufen. From a small inaccessible village, Jiufen quickly developed into a town when gold was discovered in its hills. Gold mining activities reached a peak during the Japanese era but declined after World War II. Today, Jiufen is a pretty tourist attraction with delicious Jiufen old street food, Amei tea house and souvenir shops lining its famous old street. Jenny and I have been known more about Jiufen’s historic after my teacher’s speech. It was my best part of my graduation trip to Jiufen because history is always my favorite subject. It always feels great to combine the academic subject with the taste of life.



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