39476023 - taiwan yehliu geopark strange rock
39476023 - taiwan yehliu geopark strange rock

I had an amazing cruise experience with my family and a great private day tour from the port of Keelung to Yehliu. Our tour guide greeted us with the friendliest smile at the port and then we took a comfortable ride in a comfy charter van along the ocean line to Yehliu. It only took us no more than 2 hours to get there, and we enjoyed the amazing ocean view along the way.

Our tour guide explained to us the forming of Yehliu’s unique landscape and the origin of its name. The geographic area is most famous for its sea-erosion, where we can see the magic of Mother Nature. The mushroom rocks, ginger rocks have been corroded by seawater and wind for hundreds, even thousands of years. The name Yehliu was said to be originated from the Spanish words “Punto Diablos”, meaning “devil’s scape” when the Spanish came to Taiwan in the 16thc. And the most famous rock of the park is the Queen’s Head, named after its similar look of a queen’s head with a crown. It’s “neck size” is currently 125.01cm, while back in 2008 it was 138.27cm. I really hope that the Queen can keep standing forever. 

When we arrived at Yehliu geographic park, I was immediately amazed by the wave-cut platform with all the different shapes of rocks. The seawater was also so crystal clear as the sun shines upon it. We walked on the platform and had close looks at the magnificent rocks, there were candle-shaped rocks which I really liked. The famous Queen’s Head was really popular among the tourists, so it took us a while to have a photo with it, but it was absolutely worth it.

I had a great family trip to Yehliu, we were all taken away by the breathtaking view of the ocean and most of all the landscape. Our tour guide was professional and made the day trip even more meaningful by mapping out all the information to us. Our family really prefer relaxing and slow-paced schedules than hurrying from site to site. Overall we had the best Taiwan tour experience, and we are definitely going to advise our friends to come and visit Taiwan one day.

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