There are plenty of articles about the historical town in the mountains near the north coast of Taiwan, Jiufen. The town was built by the Japanese during their colonization and we can walk through the street view of the famous animation Spirited Away! There was also a time when there was a gold rush, which brought the town to prosper. The roads up to the town are quite small and curvy though, so it is better to go by a chartered car because it seems not so convenient going by the crowded bus.

The streets are indeed very special, you can feel the Japanese culture remaining among the architecture. The well-known snack in the town is really popular – Taro balls, they taste absolutely delicious and chewy. Moreover, there is a breathtaking ocean view right at the shop, perfect! There is, of course, a great variety of food choices there, make sure to try traditional cuisines like fish ball soup and noodles.

In the late afternoon, you could go to the port of Keelung, which was an open port since 1858. Now, this is the main port for international trade ships and cruise ships. People can sail and travel from Taiwan not only to Japan or South Korea, but there are also many international cruises from Europe and America. This year the famous cruise “World Dream” has come to Keelung for the first time this year. You could definitely go on a trip on a cruise ship if you ever have the chance, it just looks so fancy and adventurous. And it is also a great choice to visit Jiufen is your travel to Keelung by cruise. And by the way, it only takes less than two hours from Keelung to Taipei.

Keelung night market is one of the best night markets to visit. Before developing into a tourist site, it was originally a smaller area of streets of food by the Keelung temple. The temple was built in the Qing dynasty and has been the heart of Keelung since then. Since it is a night market by the sea, do try a lot of seafood made snacks like butter crabs, shrimp soup, deep-fried squid, and so on. There are also nice traditional sweet pies with pineapple and mung beans, which were great desserts. Ending the day with delicious food is always the best.

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