When you come to Taiwan, you’ve searched online and knew that Taiwan is an island of food(Read more: Taiwan’s Most Famous Food and Drink). So, don’t miss the night market in Taiwan. Here’s the must-try night market with different characteristics. In Northern Taiwan, there is Raohe, Huaxi Street, and Ningxia, and Shilin Night Market. Don’t miss the shaved ice, Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice, and fried chicken. The mango shaved ice is your best friend in summer to get rid of the hot temperature. Also, don’t miss the sausage with sticky rice大腸包小腸, which means the small intestine in the big intestine. Fried chicken is also a must-eat item in Taiwan, especially on the street.


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Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice closeup at night market



Apart from food, you can play games in night markets like pinball games, ring toss, balloon darts. In southern and eastern Taiwan, there are Luodong, Dongdamen, and Huayuan Night market. Also, after hanging out, don’t forget to find some foot massage around the night market to relax your body. If you are interested in fortune-telling, there are also fortune-tellers stall to talk about your future.



Another element of Taiwanese Culture is the temple. You can see temples everywhere like the village deity. When you come to Taipei, don’t forget to visit Longshan Temple, where people pray safety and love. The Yuelao (Love God) in Longshan temple is responsible for a good relationship between lovers. The nearby district is full of Taiwanese historical atmosphere and treasure—Mengjia. Don’t miss the Bopiliao Old Street for its unique historical stories. (Read more: Taiwanese Temple Culture)


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When you come to Taiwan, never forget to try our tea. ( Read more: TAIWAN’S TOP 10 MOST FAMOUS TEAS )The tea ceremony is a very important cultural element in Taiwan. For those who love Oolong tea, Dongfang Meiren, also called Champagne Oolong, is highly recommended for its fruity aromas. Because plates squeeze against one another here, there are many high mountains in Taiwan. Taiwan high-mountain tea is of high quality because of the cool and misty climate all year. For the black tea lovers, Sun Moon Lake Ruby 18 Black Tea is the best in Taiwan because of its silky and smooth taste. Try to brew tea like a local Taiwanese in Dadaocheng, where much historical architecture is located. Feel and taste a sip of Taiwanese culture.



In winter, Taiwanese love to soak in the hot spring in winter to boost circulation and detox. Most visitors like to go to Beitou for hot spring because it is near Taipei and has a historical trace of Japanese colonial Empire in the 1900s. After having a hot spring, you can also visit the Beitou Hot Springs Museum, which is a warm red-brick Japanese architecture. ( Read more: Beitou, the Best Taipei’s Hot Springs Spot! )


What else can you do around Yamingshan and Betiou?



Last but not least, taking a stroll in the old streets is the most unique cultural experience in Taiwan to feel how Taiwanese live. Near Dadaocheng, Dihua Street is the most visited old street. It preserves the old prosperous city appearance of colonial Japan times. It is also New Year Shopping Street full of the traditional New Year items. Another old street in Taipei is Tamshui Old Street. Tamshui Old Street is famous for its beautiful river-side view and delicious A-gei. Apart from the river side, mountain scenery is also tourists’ favorite. Jiufen Old Street is known for its humanistic and cultural experience. You can try taro-ball here, and feel the mountain town atmosphere. For those who love ceramics, Sanxia Old Street is recommended for ceramics making and buying. If you want to experience the southern Min culture, never miss the Lukang Old Street in Changhua. Tourists love the classic overhangs of architecture and humanistic ambiance most. And in Anping Old Street, you can try the hand puppet, fresh fruit, and coffin bread here.



If you plan to visit Taiwan, don’t forget to try the aforementioned five major Taiwan experience. It will definitely help you experience deeper and learn more about Taiwan.

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Nice, it’s very useful. I am a Hong Konger,i love night market so much, also i would love to visit Changhua next time:)


    thank u for loving our article, hope that you will visit Taiwan next time. 🙂

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