38209523 - ?gua bao (steamed sandwich )- a traditional taiwan food
38209523 - ?gua bao (steamed sandwich )- a traditional taiwan food


Standing in the night market, you are dazzled by the vendor foods everywhere and don’t know which to try. Famous for its cuisine, Taiwan has different kinds of food you need to try. ( Read More: Take a street food foray into Taiwan’s night markets )


Taiwan’s most famous street food is often in the night markets. When you go to the night market, Oyster omelet, Stinky tofu, Misua (salted noodles) are often seen. When you explore the streets and alleys of Taiwan, Minced pork rice (See the Michelin Guide about Minced pork rice here), Steamed dumpling, Luwei (food selected with broth) are also everywhere. Scallion pancake is the best friend of students when they are hungry after school. (Read More: How To Get Around Taipei Within Limited Time)

fried dumplings on the iron plate


To explore Taiwanese cuisine, cheerful Rechao restaurant is where the delicious secrets hide. Local Taiwanese will eat in Rechao restaurant (Taiwanese beer house) when Taiwanese are off work. Rechao gathers the traditional Taiwanese taste into the cuisines. People cheers and make business deals in Rechao restaurant, thus beers are the inevitable element of Rechao. In the messy, loud, and cheap Rechao restaurant, people may also bare their souls to their friends. Three cups chicken, Stir-fried rice and Taiwanese pineapple shrimp balls are always hot on the menu. Being an island surrounded by the ocean, there are many seafood dishes like Steamed crab and roe on glutinous rice, Salt-grilled shrimp, and Stir fried clams with basils.



Breakfast matters in a day. In Central Taiwan and South Taiwan, people often open their day with sumptuous meals. Taichung has fried noodles and Pig’s blood soup. Radish cake, Egg pancake, and Taiwanese chicken rice are the top breakfasts in Chiayi. Beef soup, Milkfish congee, and Zongzi (rice dumpling) can be eaten in Tainan. Another breakfast also can be eaten in Taiwan, like soymilk, Youtiao (Chinese churros), sandwiches, eppanyaki noodles, and meat toast with eggs.


What do foreigners eat for breakfast in Taiwan?



In addition to the food above, Taiwan also has much vegetarian food. You can find Vegetarian Restaurant that offers buffet, hot pot, and cafeterias in Taiwan. Don’t miss our vegetarian Pan-fried pork buns, dim sum, Misua, Oyster omelet, Luwei, and Conveyor belt sushi. There are also delicious vegetarian fried noodles, rice vermicelli soup, and fried mushrooms worth trying. (Read more: An American Vegetarian in Taiwan)

chinese dessert, tofu pudding with tapioca ball


For the sweet addicts, Taiwan is also a paradise of sweets. Not to mention the famous Boba tea, there are Douhua (Tofu pudding), Peanut ice cream crepe, and Tanghulu (Candied fruit). Also, don’t forget to bring Pineapple cake, Nougats, Mochi, Suncake and Mango jelly for your friends and family as souvenirs.

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