2019 is the year of pig. How to send good blessings regarding “pig” ? The most common one is the blessing with similar pronunciation-zhu shi chi shan (諸事吉祥), which the first word sounds similar to pig. It means “wish you lucky.” As for zhu shi ru yi (豬柿如意,) this means “wish you all the best.” These two phrases come from the famous Chinese four-word-idiom. In addition, the first word of “zhu” from zhu fu ni (豬福你), which means good luck to you, sounds similar to pig in Chinese. The tip is to use the Chinese word “zhu豬” to make up phrases of blessings. But be careful! These kinds of blessings are more suitable for the same generation or those who are humorous. If you want to send blessings to your boss or supervisor, you got to be more discreet, especially the blessing regarding to “pigs”.

The Story of Pig:

In Asia, there are 12 animal’s symbols for different year according to lunar calendar. The pig ranks last. In one of the fables, the pig swam over the river during the competition. Even though it ranked last, it could be seen as an animal with true sportsmanship. From another stories, it was quite another story. It was said the pig was questioned for cheating so it was sentenced to the last one.

Who was Born in Pig Year?

The famous director, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, the Hollywood actor, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, and the founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford were all born in pig year.

The last pig year was in 2007. HSR in Taiwan was just open to traffic. IPhone 1.0 was first launched. 12 years have passed. Time and environment have changed. No matter what kind of person you were in the last pig year, seize this pig year and make the best of you!

Happy the year of Pig. (豬年大吉)

Wish you lots of luck for the Pig year. (祝你豬年幸運)

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