2018 Top 6 Christmas Celebrations in Taiwan

Every place in every country is well-prepared for this grand event, so is Taiwan. You can see giant Christmas trees and colorful decorations or installation arts everywhere. There are some events held for Christmas in Taiwan. We select top 6 Christmas celebrations in Taiwan for you. Bring your family and friends together and follow this heartwarming Christmas atmosphere! Hope you enjoy your festival!

1. Dior Christmas Tree at Taipei 101

The facade of the boutique of the famous brand Dior was decorated with a huge Christmas tree with illumination to Christmas at Taipei 101. This artificial tree is enlivened with 120 animal decoration and a large statue of tigers and giraffe. This Christmas tree is up to 7.5 meters tall.

2. CHRISTMASLAND in New Taipei City

Christmasland in New Taipei City has been seen as one of the most well-known winter festivals in Taiwan. There are several must-see attractions this year: the four light zones, four overpasses decorated with rose gold, pink, blue, and silver white lights, the first-ever giant ball-like LED art installation, The Fascinating Planet, and the first-ever exhibition of The Pool, an interactive art installation from New York. There is also a Planet Container Market!

3. Christmas wonderland at Bellavita

When you enter the lobby of Bellavita, you will be attracted to this stunning scene. The light blue transparent films were hung from the ceiling. Under this decoration, you will see this snow and a glacier. Stepping through the snow, you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere here in this transparent glass house.

4. I-Sharing

“I-Sharing” is the Christmas event that is held by Uni-President each year. The theme city this year is Milan, the most romantic art city in Italy. The design of the beautiful Christmas tree, Purple Wish, is based on the famous glass window of Milan. The visitors can enjoy the romantic Christmas atmosphere at Uni-President Department Store and Kaohsiung Dream Mall.

5. Yilan Christmas Village

The design is based on surrealism. This year, Yilan government decided to divide the Christmas Village to three main areas. Aside from the main lanterns of 20-meter-tall Christmas tree, there are lots of decorations and stunning lanterns beside the pathway. Isn’t it fascinating and romantic to see those bright pyramids on Christmas?

6. Christmas Party at Chimei Museum

Here comes the most fantastic Christmas party in southern Taiwan. Chimei Museum launched this exclusive “Christmas Weekend” in order to celebrate this holiday. First of all, “three main collections in Chimei Museum” are the most eye-catching part. The three main collections were decorated with Christmas tree and lights. Aside from that, there are several performances such as “Christmas trio” and “Tainan Yage Chorus” (臺南雅歌合唱團). At night, what surprising is that there is a Christmas electronic music party. The famous DJ knows how to read the dance floor and pull a crowd. Enjoy the music and yourselves here!

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