Spring, Happiness, Love 花朵盛開在Taipei City

The cold winter is about to end, and it’s getting warmer everyday. The blooming of flowers all over Taipei City celebrates the arrival of spring. Starting with the Yangmingshan Flower Festival (陽明山花季), and followed by the Taipei City Azalea Festival (台北杜鵑花季) and Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival (竹子湖海芋季), everyone can enjoy the colorful sea of flowers that greets springtime.

Yangmingshan Flower Festival (陽明山花季)
photo (1).jpg
Taipei City Azalea Festival (台北杜鵑花季)

Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival (竹子湖海芋季)
18873568 - the calla lily farms night view in taiwan taipei
the calla lily farms night view in Taipei


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