What do you know about Taipei 101?
It was the tallest building in the world and it is also a symbol of Taipei.
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You can have a clear view of Taipei 101 at this quite neighborhood


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Inverted image of TAIPEI 101

The eastern side 17:00~18:00


During this period of time, visitors can ascend to the observatory on the 89th floor and see the inverted image of TAIPEI 101 leaning on Elephant Mountain.



Infinity Sky


The heavens and earth are reflected and mirrored in a massive kaleidoscope surrounding our visitors, allowing them to enjoy a visual experience that seems to place the very heavens and earth directly into their hands.

*Reminder: for visitors wearing miniskirts, please be aware that the glass floor may be reflective.



Outdoor landscapes on the 91st floor

Taipei Skyline

On the highest outdoor observatory, visitors can temporarily experience the strength of the wind and take a closer look at the 508-meter peak on the top of Taipei 101.



Taipei 101 Run Up

There are 2,046 stairs from the 1st to 91st floor. We would like to invite you to run for the finish line resembling TAIPEI 101’s highest glory.



TAIPEI 101 New Year Show

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Crowd of a Million Gathered in front of City Hall for the Count Down
Fireworks Show Combined with Multimedia Display for the First Time
Full 360 Seconds of Excitement



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