Where should people go in Taipei in the middle of the night?  Yangmingshan is known for its gorgeous Taipei’s night view( You may also like-Crisp Summer Night ). In the darkness, the lights of Taipei city and the bright stars illuminate the faces of the visitors. It’s quite chilly in Yangmingshan at night. It will be agreeable and comfortable to taste scrumptious meals or enjoy a cup of hot coffee at this moment. (Click here to get your tour with night view) Also read:16 Days Trip Around Taiwan II: Yangmingshan



1. Caoshan Yeweimian 草山夜未眠

Caoshan Yeweimian is a night view restaurant, which gets 4.5-star reviews from the visitors. Aside from the amazing night view, one of the reasons that touch the reviewers’ heart is its heart-shape tables for the lovers. Fish in sweet and sour sauce served by Caoshan Yeweimian is highly recommended as well.



2. The Top 屋頂上

The best place to pop the question will definitely be The Top. The design of the restaurant makes people feel like being in the romantic Bali Island. The romantic atmosphere and the fabulous night view fascinate the couples. There are a lot of couples who decide to pop the question here as well.




3. Couple Hill at the Back of Chinese Culture University


One of the most famous spots for viewing the night view is at the back of Chinese Culture University. Because it’s near Taipei city and also the location is relatively high, it seems like you are falling into the sparkling and sweet dreams all of a sudden.



4. Qingtiangang 擎天崗( Let’s go hiking! )

Owing to the extensive view from Qingtiangang and Erzihping (二子坪), it’s suitable for viewing the stars and the moon. (Would you like a hiking tour?)


5. Zhuzihu Observatory 竹子湖觀景台

At the moment of sunset, Zhuzihu is really a perfect place for watching the sunset and experiencing the lights of Taipei city. Even though sometimes the mountain or the view is blanketed by the sea of clouds, you can still experience a different look at Taipei.

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Traveling on a cruise? You can have a shore excursion to Yamingshan as well


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