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If you don’t sleep, how long will it take to travel around Taiwan?

Taiwan is quite a small island, which is an area of 35,883 km2. Through this boring and lifeless number, it’s actually hard to imagine how big exactly it is. If we compare Taiwan’s territory to the Netherlands’s, they are actually almost the same size. To be more precise, the best way to measure the size of Taiwan is through traveling around Taiwan. Let’s do crazy research. If you don’t sleep, how long will it take traveling around Taiwan? (You may also like The Discovery of Taiwan)

  • On Foot
    • Mileage: 938 km
    • Speed: 4 km/h
    • Duration: 234.5 hours ≒ 10 days
  • SUP(Stand Up Paddle)
    • The total length of the coastline: 1140 km
    • Speed: 5 km/h
    • Duration: 228 hours ≒ 9 days
  • Bike
    • Mileage: 938 km
    • Speed: 30 km/h
    • Duration: 31 hours
  • Scooter
    • Mileage: 938 km
    • Speed: 60 km/h
    • Duration: 16 hours
  • Train
    • Duration: 14 hr

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